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EasyKeep Accounting Software

Easykeep is a new innovative product developed exclusively by JFW. Easykeep will predict your profits and expenses for the year in advance and monitor them on a monthly basis ensuring that any issues are identified and addressed in a timely manner so that profits are achieved or improved.

In essence it is a budgetary system that allows us to see exactly where profits and losses are being made and the exact time period in which they are made.

It is 100% tailored to your business requirements and fully addresses the common accounting headaches experienced by small and medium sized businesses, no matter what sector you operate in.

This systems layout is perhaps its best selling point as it is incredibly easy to understand, allowing people with little or no experience in accounting to know exactly what is happening in their business.

How does Easykeep work?

  • We will plan with you your tailored Easykeep Management System.


  • We complete all your book-Keeping needs, wages, reconciliations ensuring that you have perfect records at all times and your taxation returns are always made on time.



  • We will give you monthly easy to read updates in a simple format on two pages providing you with everything you need to know about your business.