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National Minimum Wage Increase 2020

  February 20, 2020    adm

From 1st February 2020 the National Minimum Wage will increase by 30c brining it to an hourly rate of €10.10. The increase is expected to impact in excess of 125,000 workers. The new minimum hourly rate applies to experienced adult workers over the age of 18. Workers under 18 are entitled to 70% of the…

SBCI – Future Loan Growth Scheme Open for Applications

  April 19, 2019    adm

The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland is inviting applications from eligible SME’s to apply for loans from the Future Loan Growth Scheme which was launched on 17th April.  The available fund is worth €300m and is in conjunction with three major banks- AIB, KBC and Ulster Bank.  It is hoped that two other banks will…

Trading With The United Kingdom Post Brexit

  April 10, 2019    adm

With Brexit still looming and uncertainty surrounding a leaving date for the United Kingdoms departure from the European Union, businesses who have not yet arranged how they will import, export or move goods via the UK have time on their side- for the moment at least. Once the United Kingdom finalise their departure from the…

Revenue to review customers with lower annual turnovers on a more regular basis

  April 2, 2019    adm

The introduction of a new system to Revenue called Debt Management Services  (DMS) will give Revenue the opportunity to review smaller companies with low annual turnovers on a more regular basis. In the past, many of these companies were considered too small and therefore too costly to review on a regular basis.  However, the introduction…

Setting Up Your Business in Ireland – Getting Started

  March 27, 2019    adm

Over one third of UK businesses, are expected to set up their businesses outside of the UK as a result of Brexit. Many have already started the process to ensure they have access to the single market and the benefit of the EMU. Ireland has been chosen as the top choice for most businesses with…

Key Tax Dates for 2020

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